DataMailbox Limitation Clarification


I see on the main website that a Talk2M Pro subscription allots 10,000,000 datapoints for Datamailbox uploads before overage charges kick in.

Is this 10,000,000 per eWON, or per T2M Account?

It is done for per T2M Account. The Ewon can upload unlimited points.

For Talk2M Pro accounts, Ewon devices can upload unlimited number of datapoints per month to the Talk2M DataMailbox service. Over 10,000,000 datapoints per month, additional data upload is charged to the Talk2M account owner

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your response!

To quote my customer: “It seems prohibitive to add the Ewons into the same account if each Ewon on its own free account can upload 5M but the Pro account only allows 10M without overage.”

While I understand that 10M points is a very large amount of data, I also agree with him that this doesn’t seem to scale well for users as they amass a fleet of eWON machines in a single Talk2M Pro account.

Would this be a special case that we would advise against using T2M Pro?

That would be a very special and niche case to advise against Talk2m Pro. However, we have not seen overages due to high device counts, but rather too frequent uploads.