Datamailbox out of sync

We have several Flexy205 reporting tags into Talk2M datamailbox. 2 weeks ago we did some cleaning and updated some the tags being collected by the flexy205 (We deleted some tags and we added a few more). The flexy205 looks great with no issues but the datamailbox seems to continue reading and reporting the old tags of such flexy device.

This seems like the eWon and Datamailbox are not Sync. We reboot the eWon multiple times but the issue continues to happen.

Any idea on how can we solve this issue?

Hi @Arturo,

Do you mean that the Data mailbox is getting new data from tags that don’t exist?

The data mailbox only stores data for 10 days, so the device should get rid of the old information after 10 days.

But you could also delete the date up until the point where you removed those tags


rg-0005-00-en-reference-guide-for-dmweb-api.pdf (696.6 KB)

Tim, Thanks for the comments.

yes many tags dont exist anymore on eWon but for some reason the Datamailbox is showing these tags when we retrieved the messages. it is very weird. its been almost a month and the datamailbox seems like still is collecting such deleted tags (the ones that were delated on the eWon 2 weeks ago.

Do you recommend me to run the API command to clean and delete? i can do that if you think it is the only solution.


I believe that should fix it, but I can check with some colleagues in Belgium on Monday morning and see if there’s something else we can try before deleting the data if you’d prefer that.