Datamailbox tag history not up to date


I have a eWon connected to eSync (run on a VM) through datamailbox. Data transactions are successful and I can get data synchronization. It is setup in a method that data will NOT be deleted after the transaction. So I would expect that the tag values are stored in datamailbox and overwritten if it reaches storage limitation or storage time limitation.

However, when I viewed the tag history through Talk2M- SDK DMBoxViewer Tool, I found the date mismatch between history date and most recent synchronization date. For example, as the pic indicated below, the most recent synchronization is 09/03/2019. However, the tag history is from 08/22/2019. Could you please help me out on this one?

Thank you very much.


Hi @dxttony,

Sorry about that, not sure how this got approved without anyone responding. I was talking to one of my colleagues in Belgium on this ticket and he said there might be more data available. Can you check if the “moredataavailable” flag is set?



Thanks for the response. The “moredataavailable” tag is TRUE.

I am investigating the possibility of connecting datamailbox with SQL directly via Azure functions (Can I use Azure Functions (serverless functions) to sync data from Talk2m to Microsoft Azure?). Based on my test, I can receive data successfully using “syncdata” function. But the data was not up to date. For example, I can only get data up to 08/22 when the actual sync date is 09/03. The data received by SQL is the same with what can be found in history tag via Talk2M- SDK DMBoxViewer Tool.

Since the “moreDataAvailable” is TRUE, it looks like more data is available in datamailbox, but is not retrieved by “syndata” function. This will explain what I observed on Azure function and Talk2M- SDK DMBoxViewer Tool.

So is there a method to get “moreData” even if they are NOT visible in the history?

Thank you,

Hi Tony,

I just heard back from them. You should be able to loop it again with the newly returned transaction id until the moredataavailable flag is set to false or is not present anymore.

You should be able to get all of the data in the end, we just only return 3000 records in the raw per call

Hi Tim,

Thanks very much. I am able to view more recent data in Talk2M- SDK DMBoxViewer Tool after looping the transaction ID multiple times. And I will execute the same logic in my azure function for data synchronization.


Thanks for the update Tony,

Glad that we could find the data


I have a question about transaction ID in DMBoxViewer.
When I put nothing in “lastTransaction”, I have the “moreDataAvalaible = True”
When I put 1 in “lastTransactionID”, I have the “moreDataAvalaible = True”
When I put 5 in “lastTransactionID”, I have no this “moreDataAvailable” variable. So I guess my datas should be something like 15K up to 18K of data (3K per page).

Everything is fine : data I got from transaction 6 (lastTransaction = 5) are mylast data (from today).

My probleme is :
When I put 150 in “lastTransactionID”, I have the “moreDataAvalaible = True”, and data that I get from this transaction are in May.


Other option would be to store the last sync date and then query the data mailbox for any tag values that are newer than the stored last sync date.

// uses Flurl to construct the URL
var verb = “getdata”;

        var url = ""
                    t2mdevid = device.DeveloperID,
                    t2maccount = device.AccountName,
                    t2musername = device.Name,
                    t2mpassword = device.Password,
                    from = fromDate,
                    to = toDate
        return url;

Hi Franck,

Sorry for the delay, I was out of the office last week, did Ted’s example work for you?

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