Debug output

I have a Anybus B40 Module running and connected, the ABCC Starter Kit used and implemented on Xilinx, Profinet already working fine and now trying to activate the ModbusTCP functionality.

  • Activated all Modbus-specific defines in abcc_obj_cfg.h
  • Connection to module is fine, can ping the module
  • Modbus port (502) does not open

my questions:

is there a way to get debug output from the module (that it tells me if it created a Modbus Object or not)

will it create a accesible modbus server no matter what ADI is defined in the host code?

what else might I be doing wrong?

Thank you!
Kind regards Christoph

Hi @Christoph1,

What is the Article number for the B40? The network type managed based on the firmware version. With the correct firmware the protocol interfaces should work even without the objects all defined, the device would use its defaults.

Do I have to deacitvate Profinet before using ModbusTCP?

Module name: Anybus CompactCom 40 Common Ethernet
Serial number: 11223344
FW version: 1.04.02

Not necessarily you will need the ModbusTCP firmware. I would recommend reaching out to your sales contact or opening a support case on

You can leave the Profinet features enabled on the host application. The application detects the network type and exchanges the necessary info.

When I try to contact Port 502 (Standard Modbus Port) it can’t connect to it. Port 80 is available.
When I try to open a support case it asks me for another account. Do I have to register a seconde time?

Hello @Christoph1 ,
The modbus port will only be open on the modbus firmware.
Yes the account on this forum does not work on
We are working on a new forum that will use one login for both our forums and support tickets.