Debugging tools for anybus NP40-10 (anybus compactcom 40 starerkit)


I have been playing with the Anybus compactCom 40 Starterkit and have managed to run the code provided in the examples.

What I want to now is to to port the ethernet/IP code to any posssible microcontroller such as Renesas, STM and etc.

However, in order to do that I need to have a good debugging tool.
Back to the question, are there any debugging tools that can be used together with the anybus 40-10 chip?

So far I have only found the EIPSCAN provided by anybus.

Is there any other debugging alternatives that are available ?

If so,

are they free to use or do we have to buy additional hardware for that ?


Hello @volkan ,

Are you looking for debugging on the Fieldbus side or with the microcontroller?

If you will be using SPI I would recommend getting a Saleae logic analyser. There is a plugin available to decode the SPI bus communication. The plugin is free and available on Github: You would need to purchase a Saleae:
This is going to be the best debugging tool across multiple microcontroller. Allowing you to see the packets on the SPI bus.

EIPSCAN would work as a master to allow you to read data off of the device via Ethernet/IP. You would want a master for each respective network type you are using to to test that communication.