Deploying many Flexys

How do I best deploy many units?
Can I remove the Talk2M portion from a backup, and use restore, or what do you recommend?

Hi Lars,

The easiest way to do this would probably be like you mentioned where you remove the Talk2M portion of a backup followed by a T2M.txt file that will autoregister it to the account

These are the files you’d be allowed to put onto the device and commission them quickly with an SD card


So how do I properly “remove the Talk2M portion of a backup” ?

The easiest way to do this would be to take a backup of the device that you’ll be using as a template. Save that backup just as backup.tar and put that on an SD card. Then you’ll want to go onto your eCatcher in the account section and export the auto-registration key to an SD card. This will put the T2M.txt file on the SD card

After that just put the SD card in the device that you want to register and it should show up in your eCatcher account like this (If it’s not already registered to another account)

I just tested it first to make sure, but with the method above, you won’t need to remove the talk2m portion of the backup

when I take a backup using eBuddy, it saves it as a .tar file.
Are you saying I should rename that to backup.txt ? That doesn’t sound right to me.

Whoops sorry about that I had a typo. backup.tar and T2M.txt I’ll edit my previous response so people don’t get confused

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