Develop a LabVIEW or MATLAB based GUI


I am using CAN@net II/Generic device for CAN-Ethernet.

I want to visualize the data on GUI. I am planning to use either MATLAB or LabVIEW to develop GUI.

Will anyone suggest me the starting point or demos which helps me in developing MATLAB/LabVIEW based GUI.



For the CAN@Net II/Generic we do not have any information on integration with MATLAB or LabView. Our VCI drivers that can be used with the CAN@Net II/VCI has LabView examples included. If you wanted to utilize these you would need the VCI version of the CAN@net II (or our latest product the CAN@net NT).

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I am trying to understand your LabVIEW API demo and change according to my requirement. I am bit new to LabVIEW. Will you please help me in understanding this demo. Could you please send me rough flowchart for LabVIEW demo if possible.
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Hello Sandeep,

I do not have such a description, but the demo should come with information. What version of the VCI drivers are you using? Do you know what demo you are using?

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I recently installed VCI Version 4.0.598_attest.
Could you please send me the relevant LabVIEW Demo and some short description if possible.



You will find the download on this page,

I want to mention again, that you will need the VCI version of the CAN@net II or our CAN@net NT in order to use the Labview demo. The CAN@net II generic is not set up to use our VCI drivers.

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Yes, I am using VCI v4.0.598_attest. I have opened the demos and could be able to read some data. Could you please guide me in understanding the LabVIEW demo and help me in modifying according to my requirements.



Here is documentation on using the Labview API,

4_02_0250_20012 C-API V1_5.pdf (803.7 KB)

I know this is for the C API, however all of the descriptions apply for the Labview VIs.

I do not have any information on how to use this for your application. If you have specific questions or issues please let me know.

Also, if you need more comprehensive assistance it will be better to create a ticket for your local office at this link.

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