Device name error on .net to profinet gateway


Hi we just received an anybus .Net to profinet bridge and are attempting to set up the device to communicate between our PC applications (.NET) and Sick bar-code scanners (Profinet).

First thing that i did was configure all of the devices being used to be on the same network.

Currently I have the scanner (CLV 631) attached to a sick connection device (CDF600). From there I have the profinet output to Gateway.

Coming from the .NET side of the gate way I have it connected to a Ethernet switch that my PC is also linked to.

After I power up the device the gateway flashes a red Network-status(NS) light at a consistent (one time) rate. Looking this up in the manual points out that it is a device name error.

I have tried multiple things to fix this problem, but am a little unsure of what the error means.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hello @mxb9771,

What is the article number for the anybus gateway being used? Also how are you communicating with the profinet side of the gateway? All of our .net gateway are slaves on the fieldbus side. So you will need to add/setup the profinet device to a master.



Thanks for getting back to me @deryck_hms,

article#: AB9077-C

If I tried to connect a profinet connection coming from a slave device would that throw the error that I am seeing on the gateway?

Im part of the PC team and I’m trying to create a application that will communicate directly to these scanners through this gateway. However I’m starting to get the feeling that this isn’t possible and there will have to be some application made on the fieldbus side too?

thanks for the help,


Hi Matt,

It seems like you are missing the profinet side of the device and how it works. The Profinet protocol works in a master slave configuration where the master makes the request to all the slaves. The ab9077 is going to be a slave device so you would need to add it to the Profinet master for it to read and write data. This Gatway is a little more complex with how it interacts with the PLC but i. This device was designed to work The following application note covers the

Then from the .net side you are accessing the data off of the device using one of 2 options message mode or streamer mode.



Thanks again Deryck,

The whole point of our project is to eliminate the PLC part of our systems to test individual components communication before our PLC staff does their part.

Would it be possible to use something like a raspberry pi to read the messages off the profinet side, or will this only work using TIA and a physical PLC? We were thinking of possibly using codesys but this program and addons can be cost heavy



Since we do not offer a profinet master. I don’t see a direct option from us to go from a PC to a profinet network read data from a device/slave without a master on the network.

You might be able to use Codesys and get this working but we only provide instructions for TIA Portal. Where it is a Profinet-IRT Device/Slave I would expect Codesys would work but I can’t make this a guarantee.