Diagnose AB7916 data

Just looking into an inquiry from one of our customers.

The customer is using “AB7916” gateway with the “Anybus NetTool for DeviceNET” software.
He has successfully discovered the devices in his DeviceNet network and has added them to the gateway’s scanlist.

Is there a manner to diagnos the gateway’s communication to its slave devices?
-Need to verify which ones are note responding.
-Need to verify data being sent (hex values are ok)


In NetTool if you go to ‘Help > Contents’ and look under the ‘Online Configuration’ section, you will see the ‘Scanlist Diagnostics’ topic which shows how to view the diagnostics for the Scanner and DeviceNet network. This will show you which devices are offline and what is causing the fault.


You can also enable the Live List to see which nodes are online from the Eth/IP PLC. See page 15 of the DeviceNet Network Guide.

If you want to see the data, open the web browser for the Anybus using the Ethernet/IP IP address, or view the data in your Eth/IP PLC.

The device is also showing the following error, but this is not even shown in the manual.
Is there an updated manual specifically of the gateway’s web browser and the configuration tool that you can share? The customer is upset that this information is not readily available. As mentioned before, we’ve gone through the documentation available online for these products.

Is there a manner to carry out a virtual meeting? The customer is on-site connected to the devices and with hardware already installed.

Is there a manner for you to reach out to him directly? Andrew Wenaus awenaus@encompassgroup.ca
I will be heading out in some sales call this afternoon and wont be available to cordiante. Please CC though. Thanks,

For time sensitive issues, you should create a support case at support.hms-networks.com. Our support cases have a higher priority than the forum. Can you ask your customer to do that so we can get it touch with him directly?

The only settings for Ethernet/IP are in the Anybus Configuration Manager - X-Gateway software which is connected using the USB port. It is an adapter/slave, so these are the only settings:

The order in which you put the data in the NetTool for DeviceNet configuration (connect via ethernet or the serial port on the DevNet side) is the order in which it will be made available on the Ethernet/IP side.

The Help section in NetTool is the best resource for help with the software.