Differences between CM CANopen 021620-B and Simatic PN/CAN LINK?

Hi. I am a beginner in CAN communication. I have Simatic S1214 and want to distribute (send) over the CAN a 50 WORDS. I found these two modules: CM 021620-B and Simatic PN/CAN LINK 6BK1620-0AA00-0AA0.
So, now Iam confused which which one to use? :slight_smile:

How can I check success of communication on CAN side? I dont have any CAN device to use for verification. Thank you very much!

Hi @Tomas,

I would recommend using the IXXAT CM CANopen (021620-B) with a USB-to-CAN V2 and our free CanAnalyser Mini software.