Dmweb api - http error 404

Hi Everyone,

Recently I tried to run a getstatus request through the DMWEB API, and received the following message:

{“success”:false,“code”:404,“message”:“No account or data for ‘Account’ 'User”}

The problem happens for a particular combo of credentials. i can use the same credentials to login successfully in eCatcher. if i enter an invalid user name for the same t2m account to a getstatus request, i get a 401 invalid credentials message, so i am hitting some other sort of authentication problem here.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be wrong here?

Do you have a Developer ID?

Yes, we saw the issue with two different dev ids that are both currently being used successfully with other accounts/applications.

yes, i was using a devid in the request text. the devid works for the same request against a different account/user combo.

Sorry for the confusion. The problem was that the account actually had no data in its mailbox, so the message was accurately describing what happened.