Downloading 6.7.3

Trying to download 6.7.3. In August I downloaded 6.7.3 and had no issues. My client has been trying to download 6.7.3 and keeps getting 6.6.4. I tried downloading the file and it shows that it is 6.6.4. any ideas why this is occurring?

I’m not sure how you’re managing to get 6.6.4. The download link for 6.7.3 is here. It’s from the Ewon download page: Ewon Technical Support - All Downloads

I just tested it myself.

But you have 2 links for eCatcher following your link : image
At the beginning, it’s v6.7.3 and at the end, it’s v6.6.4
And what is new on this version ? the last update in the release note is v6.6.4

I go to the site, select 6.7.3 to download. The first clue that it downloading the wrong version is the file size (82Mb vs 68Mb). When the download has finished and you move your cursor over the file, the information displayed is version 6.6.4.

I put the direct link for 6.7.3 and a link to the download page where you can download multiple files.

Can you try again? Because they are downloading correctly for me. I think there must have been an issue with the website earlier.