Drop internet connection after reboot

When I reboot Ewon Flexy 205, it drops the internet connection and clears all parameters. Could you please help me with it?


Can you provide a backup with support files of the unit?

This can be done using ebuddy while connected to the device.


Hi Kevin,

Please find the attached backup.

Hi Kevin, is there any news?


Can you disable the script and reboot?

Given the script sets up the Internet connection, that is most likely the issue.

Hello Kevin,

I have disabled the script and rebooted the Ewon. The Internet connection didn’t drop. You are right.
However, I have to use a key to turn on-off the internet connection. Our client doesn’t want the internet connection to be always on. Could you please tell me what is wrong with the script?

The script is pretty straight forward.

I would check what the switch value is after the reboot. It could be defaulting to the off position in value.

Okie. I fixed the problem. Problem is the fallback in the script. I checked the script again. Although there is no other extension card for the internet connection, the script includes a fallback. I deleted the related to fallback. Then Ewon started running properly.