Dynamic IP on Netbiter Argos

Hello HMS team.

We are having some trouble with Dynamic IP using Argos. It logs out when it detects an IP change, according to the following textbox:


It happens a lot and when we use a mobile it get worse. Argos suggests use fixed IP (I’d like to know as well if company’s IT can solve it or if we need to deal with the internet provider). Is there another way we can avoid this?

Thank you.

Hello @dpolycarpo,

We track the IP addresses and log you out when a change is detected as a security feature. If you are being unexpectedly logged out you will want to find out what is changing your IP address mid session and disable it. I would expect this to be something managed by your IT department. I have seen this issue occur when a load balancer was used that did not maintain the same address per session.


Hello Deryck,

When we use Mobile network to acess argos the problem get worse. I should contac internet provider to solve this in this case?


Hello @dpolycarpo,

I am reaching out to the solution manager to see if there is anything that can be done. At this time we do not have an option to disable this feature and can only advise you to use a network connection that doesn’t change IP address.

I will follow up with you once iI have more info.


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