EC250 not connecting to Argos

I have an EC250 that I haven’t used in a little over a year. When I power the unit up, after a while the status LED blinks green in 3 intervals but for some reason it isn’t connecting to Argos. This unit is connected via Ethernet and it even says the connection channel to the server is initialized.

If I let the unit sit for a while, it will eventually say: “No answer from server, restarting connection (No such file or directory?).”

Did I configure something incorrectly or is this unit done.

There was a Mandatory Update in November 2016 to update the devices to SHA-2. You can find the update to your device on the support page for your respective device.

Here is a copy of the email we sent out to all the admins.

Dear John

Mandatory firmware update for Netbiter EC150 and EC250

Netbiter EC150 and EC250 must be updated to firmware version 1.40.0 before 1 November 2016.
Connection to Netbiter Argos will not be possible after this date with older firmware versions.

Firmware older than version 1.40.0 cannot be updated remotely after 1 November 2016.

TLS/SSL certificates are used to provide secure, encrypted communication over the Internet. These certificates have to be renewed on a regular basis. Since the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm is deprecated, all new certificates will use the SHA-2 algorithm. Netbiter EC150 and EC250 with older firmware only supports SHA-1 so they must be updated in order to support SHA-2.

The latest firmware can be downloaded from the Netbiter support website.

Best regards,
The Netbiter Team