EC310 and Netbiter Ultrasonic Tank Sensor

Seems really simple, but all I’m getting in Argos with my EC310 and ultrasonic tank sensor is “Communication with sensor broken”. The wiring our install tech did looks correct to me, here is a picture:

and the device looks powered up too.

Any ideas of what to look for next?

Hi @woodisland

Was this device communicating previously or is this an initial setup?

Hi @Tim_hms, this is the initial setup.

Could you let me know what the system ID for this device is? They usually start with a 0030


Hello @woodisland ,

Tim asked me to take a look at this issue. It looks like the Tank sensor is fully configured. It looks like the modbus is talking to it but the tank parameters have not be set on the device.
You will want to navigate to presentation > browse devices > expand the sensor > expand tank setup. Once this is setup you should start seeing the tank level.
Installation guide:
User manual:

Thank you - that did the trick.