EC350 has gone off line but my aeris sim card webpage says I can Send MT-SMS processed successfully

This unit (Piombo 003011FAC114) is showing off line but Aeris is saying that I can see the sim card. Is that even possible? This unit was suspended because I did not renew subscription do to customer not paying bill. Just renewed subscription add unit is in the active folder of my Argos account. (CampbellWater) Is there anything else I can do to try and bring it online from here? It would be more than a Half day out of my weekend to get to site and check it out. I know it needs a firmware update anyway (1.7.9) Being cellular I can’t afford to do it from here.

Thanks Richard

Hi @larsenalarms,

The device could have a connection for sms but no data connection. I have seen issues like this before where a simcard is deactivated and the tower blocks the data connection. Even once the sim is reactivated the tower continues to blocks the data connection. Usually a reboot will get the device back online. Looking at the online status of the device it looks like it goes on and offline often, there is a chance this unit might not have a strong enough connection to the tower to come online.

If a reboot does not restore the connection for the device you can log in to the local webpage to check the modem status. You have access via the LAN port and IP or from the usb port, which configures for a usb ethernet adapter with ip address The login info is admin and then the devices activation code. You might also need to check with your provider to check the tower status in the area too.


Thanks I will give it a try.