eCatcher 6.7 not behaving nice

Restored and installed ecatcher 6.7.3 twice on laptop. Does not complete install and wipes out my bluetooth hardware profile. Very strange. Also does not uninstall! Something strange in update file.

Had to restore PC to prior to eCatcher 6.7.3 install

Make sure that you are downloading eCatcher from this page.

This is the first I’ve heard of issues with this version and it is currently being used widely by our customers. What type of laptop is this?

Dell Latitude 5501

I will ask the Ewon team if they’ve seen any install issues with 6.7.3.

Have you tried installing it without the USB driver? (There is a checkbox during the installer for it)

I have confirmed that this is likely due to the USB driver installation problem. You can fix this by opening a cmd prompt as Admin and running:

C:\Program Files (x86)\eCatcher-Talk2M\UsbService\drivers\setup_server_ung.exe /u

Then reboot and re-install eCatcher and the USB driver.

See also: Ewon Technical Forum

OK I will try to upgrade and will let you know

Hi @Mikewo

Did you get a chance to try this?


Yes that worked! Thanks, was a big issue to keep restoring after failed attemps.



Great - thanks for the update!