eCatcher iframe password reset refusing connection

We are currently using the iframe source code generated by eCatcher on our website. When we click the forgot password link we get a ’ refused to connect.’ message. I have tried embedding the iframe in an HTML file with only the iframe and got the same result. It tested the iframe code in Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Safari and none worked. Is there an issue with eCatchers iframe?

Are you copying the iframe from eCatcher as show in this video?

You say it only happens when clicking on the “Forgot Password” link?

I will have to check with the developers about this error and see if they have seen this before.

Yes, I used that video to get the iframe. The login works just like shown in the video, however, when you click ‘forgot password’ I get the message ’ refused to connect.’

If you try to open the link in a new tab, do you still get the error?

if we open it in a new tab it goes to hms password reset page, however, it does not load the account name.

OK thank you for letting us know. I have reported this to the developers and will update you when I have more information about a fix. For now you will have to open in a new tab and fill in the account name manually.

The scripting pulled by the iframe is not appending the account name.
Currently - ‘Talk2M Password Reset
Needs - ‘Talk2M Password Reset

Got it - thanks!