EDS file issue

I am trying to configure a AB 7306 with Anybus Configuration Manager - Canopen, and when I import the EDS file for my drive (Compax 3 Parker) there is a no match with the device on the bus and the EDS file specified. There is written “Node differs” but i am 100% sure that this is the right EDS file for this drive. Even when I try to change the EDS file, there is still this error. How can I do ?

There must be something that differs between the what the node is reporting and EDS file contains. It could be a simple version number. Hovering the mouse over the node in error should show more details.

If you need further assistance, please create a case at support.hms-networks.com and include the EDS file.

Indeed, there are these differences between the EDS file and the actual, but I already try to modify the EDS file to match with the “Actual”, and i get the issue. I provide the EDS file with this message if you know what to do. Thank you !
c3_canopen.eds (122.8 KB)

Update : I found a way to match the EDS file with the “Actual” section. But now i have this error message.
It seems to be better than previously but the gateway still does not work. I mapped the statusword of my drive with the anybus gateway’s first word (Receive Word 1 [2110,01]). I can read something on the statusword using the online object access, but i have still nothing on the ethernet ip side (PLC).

Maybe try adding 0x100A to the Mandatory Objects?


Nothing happens. I did that :

Morover, here is my mapping :

What does the Line Listener show?

There is communication on the network, but I think you’re going to have to contact Parker Hannfin and have them provide an updated EDS file.