EDS Installation Error - DeviceNet


I have a Profinet to Devicenet gateway model AB7647, and I’m using the Anybus configuration manager to configure the DeviceNet slave, but I’m not able to install the eds file for the Rockwell 1794-ADN device. I got all the eds downloaded from the Rockwell website

During the eds installation, i got these errors

DevNet\1794-ADN eds\DeviceNet\0001000C00010100.eds
ProxyParam3 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam4 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam5 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam6 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam10 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam11 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet
ProxyParam13 is not supported by ACM DeviceNet

Can you please share the EDS file that you are using?

Also, is this Rockwell device a series B or C, and what version is the firmware?


here is it.

EDS_Files_for_1794-ADN.zip (16.8 KB)

Serie C Firmware 3.002

Hi @Miguel_Castro,

The Flex I/O 1794-ADN adapter has proxy parameter settings that NetTool does not support, so you will have to use RSNetworx from Rockwell Automation to configure the Anybus Devicenet Scanner.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @kyle_HMS ,

How can I connect to the gateway using the RSNetwork without a DeviceNet interface on my computer? I already tried with the USB cable but didn’t work.


I believe that you will need to get Rockwells adapter to connect your PC to the DeviceNet bus and upload the configuration.

We have an app note for configuring our Ethernet/IP scanner with RSNetworx (see attached), which will be a similar process in some respects, but for information about how software connects over the DeviceNet bus, you would have to refer to the RSNetworx docuemtation.

EIP_Scanner_RSNetworx_1.02.pdf (849.4 KB)

Hi Kyle.
The HMS solve this problem or is this still the solution?
I will used the 1794-ADN and show me the same mensage error. But I will used Modbus TCP

Hi @JMario,

If you need to use those Proxy Parameters, then you will need to use RSNetworx to configure the device.

Alternatively, if they aren’t important to your configuration, you could try deleting them from the EDS file.