Efive - ARP protocol

We had a high cellular data consumption issue with our efive/remote flexy.

With the assistance of Tim, we have made some modifications to our efives with ebtables. These modifications solved a good lot of our consumption problems. However, I noticed that you purposely didn’t filter out the ARP protocol with the following command :

ebtables -I FORWARD -p 0x806 -j ACCEPT

Is there a reason? Because the ARP protocol currently takes up to 1.9GB per month per remote station. If there’s no reason for this, is it safe to remove that altogether and just keep the following lines in ebtables? :

-d Broadcast -i lan-1 -j DROP

-d Multicast -i lan-1 -j DROP


It is required that we have the ARP enabled, but we could try and limit it so that only certain computers can access the eFive by doing some MAC address limiting to try and lower the consumption a little


We did the MAC address limiting and everything work flawlessy (for now). 300 mo/month instead of 1.9Gb … :slight_smile:

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