eFive IP address allocation for Flexy/Users

Hi, In the VPN Dynamic IP pool, we are able to set an IP Range. Most units receive same IP.
In conjunction with a Nagios setup, I am wondering, Is there a “lease” time setting? Or could a more static IP be set for VPN users?

I know this can be done in OpenVPN using a config file per client, but does eFive support it?
We are running eFive 100



There is a lease time setting on the config screen for the DHCP settings. Under the Start address, you’ll see the default lease time (see below).

Additionally, you can also set a static IP for clients in each client’s config page.


I hope this helps!

Thx Ashely.

I totally forgot about setting per client, thank you for reminding me.

However I think DHCP lease setting is just for DHCP lease time from eFive if it used as one on the LAN/GREEN side, not sure if it populates to Dynamic IP range for VPN.



If you actually look on the Edit user/device page, you will see a field labeled static ip. This can be used to permanently allocate the exact same VPNIP to every device/user that connects to the VPN.

It essentially generates a CCD file in the background, the same as you would do in a typical OpenVPN server.


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