eFive Reboot VPN Server

Hi folks

Two of my eWons are disconnecting from my eFive. Restarting OpenVPN server fixes the issue immediately but then they’ll just drop out again after an hour or two. Any idea why this is happening?


After restarting OpenVPN Server

Can you please create a backup of the ewon using eBuddy, making sure to check “Include Support Files” and send that to me, along with the server logs if possible.
What type of connection do these devices use? Wired or Wireless?

Hi Kyle

Sorry for the big delay. I’ve attached a backup from the two problem ewons: Glenbrook and Passage West. I’ve also attached OpenVPN server logs for today and yesterday.

When I looked this morning Passage West was disconnected. Rebooting the OpenVPN server brought it back again. You should probably see that in the logs.


Hi James,

I just got a chance to look at this… I didn’t realize before that you were in the EU. HMS.how is operated by the support team in the U.S. and we generally support the Americas (North, Central, & South) regions. We do our best to provide support to anyone who comes to the site, but in some cases, like when there are unfamiliar cellular network providers involved, we will recommend contacting your local support team (https://mysupport.hms.se).

That said, I did get a chance to look at the logs and have a couple of recommendations to try:

  • Update the device to the latest firmware (currently 13.3)
  • Change from UDP (port 1194) to TCP (443) for the VPN tunnel, if possible
  • Please change ‘MaxCallDur’ from 60 to 0 (stop modem from killing connection every 60 min)

If you are still having issues, you may want to open a ticket with the EU office, who may be in a better position to help with this issue. You can go to mysupport.hms.se or call +46 35 17 29 56.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Also, please confirm that the clocks and certificates match between the clients & servers.