eFive redundant communication with Flexy 201

I want to configure redundant communication between two Flexy 201 and eFive.
Say i have Flexy A & Flexy B at remote side and eFive at SCADA side.
eFive should fetch Data only from flexy A and if the communication between efive & Flexy A is not good then efice should fetch data from Flexy B.
Kindly provide the configuration steps / script to achieve this.

Hi @sameer022

We don’t have any configuration steps/scripts to achieve this currently made.

We were wondering if you meant that both Flexy A and Flexy B are on the same LAN. I’m not entirely sure how the eFive would handle having 2 Flexys that have access to the same devices, but I think it may cause some problems by trying to have 2 active VPN connections with access to the same devices.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes both flexy will be on same LAN.
How about using two 3g extension card on a same base unit?

I think that this may be more of a hardware limitation. So when you’re connecting a device to an eFive you’ll need to either have the device be in its own subnet ie.

Flexy 1: 192.168.1.x/24
Flexy 2: 192.168.2.x/24

Or if they are in the same subnet, you need to specify the networks behind that specific flexy that you want to reach ie.

Flexy 1: 192.168.120.x/24
Network behind device on eFive: would allow connection to those 2 devices on Flexy 1, but at this point that will block connection to those 2 devices from Flexy 2.

I can’t think of a way currently to allow both devices on that network to connect to the same devices