eFive replacement

the eFive recommended replacement is Netgate pfsense XG-7100 1U. Would the Netgate 1100 PFSENSE+ Security Gateway work as a replacement for the eFive?

Where did you see that recommendation? Is that on the Ewon page?

Technically, the Ewon will work with any configurable OpenVPN based server (you need to be able to configure the VPN settings to work with Ewon). I’m not familiar with the Netgate device, but I can look into it.

Its on the efive page.


Ewon has been used with pfsense before and we’ve had “how to” articles in the past, but we haven’t had a hardware recommendation until recently. pfsense is open source and will run on any x86/AMD64 hardware or ARM, so you could use different hardware or a cloud instance of your own.

You can click this link for configuration instructions. Of course, you would need to go to Netgate or the pfsense community forum for help on configuring their device, but we could help if you had questions about the Ewon configuration.