EGrabit Issues

For about a month now i can’t see my ewons when connected to efive via egrabit. I was able to connect before but not now. I believe it was after a windows update. Egrabit shows connected but i can’t ping any of my ewons or field devices.

Make sure your VPN IP address is in the same range as the eFive LAN, but not conflicting with other devices.
How To Setup an eFive v1.3.pdf (586.3 KB)

They are. None of that has changed. It just stopped connecting one day. Any other ideas?

Please show screenshots of the result of the ‘ping’ command and the ‘route print -4’ before and after connecting with egrabit.

Also, if possible please send a backup or screenshots of the eFive configuration and eBuddy backup (with support files) from the Ewon.

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After some research I have put a band aid on the issue. I had to uninstall current version of Chrome and install version 81 to make it work. Are there any updates for the eFive that support the new SSL protocol?

Unfortunately, we are no longer updating the eFive. However, you can use just about any device that’s running OpenVPN (as long as it’s configurable), like a Netgate pfSense router, to connect with your Ewons.