Email Flexy 205 with cellular modem


I can’t send email through Ewon flexy with cellular modem. We previously had a hardwired WAN connections for internet access and cellular modem as fallback. We now had to remove the Harwired connection and cellular still in fallback mode. Can we keep this In fallback mode permanently, since I can no longer use a hardwired connection. Or should I change the cell modem as primary connection? Is there a difference? Thanks in advance.


If the hardwire WAN is no longer in use you should redo the internet wizard and have the modem set as primary. Otherwise the flexy will keep testing to see if the Ethernet connection is back. once you have done that you can force a scheduled action in the planner section to see if the emails are going through.

If it is still having problem we can take a look at a backup file created in eBuddy that has support files included with it.

Thanks for the quick response. Can I do this remotely or do I have to be physically connected to unit? Do I have to disable fallback first? So the answer is yes, I can send emails with cell modem? That was my biggest concern since there is no way to get the harwired WAN connection anymore. Thanks!

This can be done remotely though the internet wizard, but is not recommended since you will lose connection during the setup of the Modem as the primary connection. The flexy will only ask if you want to setup a fallback if it detects another connection. For the emails they can still be sent out when using the modem as the internet connection.


I set up cell modem as primary. Tried to send another email with no success. I have Attached the backup file. Also my signal strength is 15 and I understand we may need minimum of 18.
Can you please check configuration of alarm parameters that trigger email? Hopefully that can be checked thru backup file? Thanks in advance.

Since it is a flexy you can test the email using the planner to see if it is going through and you can see if it is sent under the scheduled actions tab. As for the backup if the email is valid I am not seeing any problem with the tag setup. The low signal strength can have an effect as you mentioned.

Hi Zach,

Just talked with Augie on the phone and it looks like we needed to set the SMTP relay to be and then it started working

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Thanks for all your help!