I have done the SMTP Mail settings, but it still didnt send email to me when there is an alarm.

Could i know is there any settings that i supposed to make?
Thank you


Hi Jun,

Try going through this guide I made for it

Sending Emails with a Flexy.docx (433.3 KB)


Hi Tim,
I will check for this guidance.
Thank you very much :blush:


Hi Tim,
I had followed all the guidance from the document you sent, but i still cannot send out email from my flexy.
I had done internet check and smtp server which is and port is 25.
I had configure alarm in my tag and enabled email to send out when there is alarm and RTN.
I really need this help in sending out email.
Could you help me with this, thank you.


Hi Tim,
After i reset the alarm tag and the smtp server, it works well again.
I think maybe the internal memory latch, and that affected my email issue.
Anyway, really appreciate your help and thank you.


Hi Jun,

Glad you got it up and working! Let me know if you run into more issues with this