Emailing multiple tag Values in one email

Trying to send multiple tag Values in one email.
PLC communication is with an Idec Via Modbus.
I can’t find anything in the alarm setup.

Hi Brian,

The best way to do this is with Export Block Descriptors, which allow you to specify what data to include when sending a report. EBDs can be included in the attachment section of an alarm, or you can schedule them in the Task Planner if you want weekly or daily reports instead.

If you want current tag values, you use an EBD like $dtIV$ftT$fnValues.csv, which will send all the Ewon’s instant values in a text file named Values.csv. You can filter to specific tag groups by adding $flAB, for example, to select groups A and B. To construct EBDs I recommend using the EBD Helper tool available here: EBD Helper

For alarms, include the EBD in the attachment field, enclosed in this structure: &[$dtIV$ftT$fnValues.csv]

KB-0212-00 - Task planner example goes over an example of using the Task Planner to schedule reports.