emodem-GSM not found

I was using cosy131 and connect it to my PLC to send FTP file to a server
it has been 1 year with no problem. but suddenly the PLC stop sending the FTP file
in the e-catcher it was showing the cosy131 was online, but i couldn’t connect to the PLC
I try to connect to the webpage dashboard, and the connection was okay
in the log, it was showing that “eppp-The maximum connection time has been exceeded”
i changed the MaxCallDur value and rebooted it, after rebooted it was showing “emodem-GSM network not found” and still cannot connect to the PLC
in the ebuddy it was i could download the backup, i attach the backup file



So the MAXCall duration is based in seconds. Your current max call duration is currently set to 60 seconds. The unit has to disconnect from the cellular network every minute.

I advise change the MaxCall to 3600. This will set the call duration to an hour.


Hello kevin,

I changed the MaxCall to 3600 and rebooted it, but still, I couldn’t connect to the PLC
in the dashboard log it says “emodem-GSM network not found”
is this problem correlating with my SIM card provider?