EN2MB-R Modbus TCP error


Has a HMS-EN2MB-R connected to Contrologix PLC and is trying to communicate with an Advantage Multizone MZC chiller (https://www.advantageengineering.com/fyi/277/pdf/advantageFYI277.pdf) but is getting an error on the Modbus TCP side, Transaction error or timeout. going to try to get more info on the register map and ports used.

HMS-EN2MB-R Documentation: https://www.anybus.com/support/file-doc-downloads/linking-devices-specific/?ordercode=HMS-EN2MB-R


I am still trying to get more specific information about the Chiller Modbus TCP requirements. I know now that Chiller itself is Modbus serial but they have a Lantronix Micro125 module that converts ModbusTCP to Modbus serial. It looks like Advantage has written code in this OEM device to do the conversion. I’m still trying to get to the guy that knows how I should be talking to the Chiller.