EN2SE-R: No data in Studio5000, but data in Config Manager Log file




I’m having problems setting up my EN2SE-R serial linking device, and getting data to through to studio 5000.

I’ve set up the anybus device with RS485 communication according to the documentation for the modbus device in field.
Anybus device is set to master mode, and I’ve added commands to read multiple holding registers as well as writing a few analog values.

Using Configuration Manager to log, I get seem to get both send and receive values. But I don’t get any values in Studio5000.
Also, I have a red light in lamp 5 on the anybus device, as well as a blinking green light in lamp 6.

I have attached the config files and log file if anybody would be able to help.

anybus_config4_KunNode11_test.cfg (16.0 KB)
anybus_config4_KunNode11_test.cfx (25.9 KB)
Modbus_log6_KunNode11_GamleStartAddresser.txt (27.8 KB)


The Red LED 5 means there is a transaction error on the subnet. LED 6 is OK.

I noticed you are trying to read registers starting at register 0x0002, write coils at the same address, and then read coils at the same address. Are you sure that is correct?

Can you provide your modbus map for your device and explain a little more about what data you are tryjng to read and write? I think something is not mapped correctly.



Thanks for you reply Kyle.

I figured it out. My responses had the wrong size. I received several more bytes in my response than I originally had configured. After I sat up the response correctly I received data.