EN2SE-R Subnet Status


I have 4 EN2SE-R modules wired for modbus RS-485 to Sage meters. I have 3 of the 4 modules reading the data off of the meters fine, however one of the modules will constantly have the Subnet Status light (5) as red and doesn’t read any data. The configuration for each module is set up the same. Doing some troubleshooting I am able to connect to the meter’s modbus RS-485 comms directly with my PC using a USB adapter, so I know the meter is working. Some questions I had:

What is the maximum distance the RS485 signal can travel on 18 gauge cable? I ask because the one that doesn’t work has the furthest distance between the meter and module.

The meter and module are configured for 19200 baud rate. If I were to lower the baud rate does that help in situations with a longer cable length?

Anything else I could try?



It does sound like a cabling issue. If you right click “subnetwork” in the Navigation window and select “subnetwork Status” you will see status / diagnostic information about the subnetwork. Does it show a lot of re-transmissions?

Wired properly, the RS485 cable can be up to 4000 feet. If you are pushing this length you can try lowering the baud rate and increasing the timeout. You could also try swapping gateways to rule out an issue with the device itself. Prior to doing that though, make sure the wiring is good and properly terminated. See this part of the manual for information about termination:


Looks like a wiring issue. Please make sure the ends are properly terminated with terminating resistors.

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