Error in the communication of IACCC device with the AC unit


I just installed Wi-Fi Wired Device FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA to control my Fujitsu Halcyon™ Single Zone Wall Mounted (Mini Split) (Model #: AOU18RLB). Wifi configured is all good but I receive the below error from my App and I cannot control my device.

Code: IH1

Error in the communication of IACCC device with the AC unit.

Any help to solve the issue would be very much appreciated it.

Thank you

Hi @lvuhome,

I was looking for that error code and found this page that included the error you mentioned.

So it looks like your device is running into issues reaching the AC unit.

ErrorIH1: Error in the communication of IntesisHome device with the AC unit

I’m trying to see what we can do for that issue now


Hi Lam, here’s a list of devices that we can guarantee we’re compatible with. Unfortunately I didn’t see the AOU18RLB model number in that list

Hi Tim,

Thanks for looking into my issue.

FYI: I was able to resolve my communicate issue by set the Dip-Switch (Fujitsu RC is Not Present (MASTER) 1=OFF, 2=ON,3=OFF,4=ON), see page 2 of the attached. the WIFI module is working fine after set the Dip-Switch.
QIG_WiFi_Wired2.pdf (1.0 MB)

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Thanks for the update @lvuhome, this will be a good reference if anybody else runs into this issue

Tim - I am running into the same issue with the IH1 Error, however the Dip-Switch did not resolve the communication error. I am only replacing the original version of the Wifi control (FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA) with the version 2 that eliminates the external antenna. IS-RC3-RS485-WIFI-1-V2. This new version has multiple dip switches (qty 3) vs version one that only had 1. Changed the 4 switch dip to the off, on, off, on. System is Fujitsu slim cassettes and again and no issue with prior controller.

Hi Chris, did you check that your Fujitsu device is in the list of compatible devices on the Intesis page?

Tim - I sent the distributor (DSG) my units models and they confirmed compatibility prior to quoting/shipping. The units are slim duct Fujitsu Halcyon ARU7RLF.

Hi Chris,

I’m including the manual for the device below, can you check and make sure you have the wiring for the device correct?