[ERROR] Operation failed (28) 56 : Mqtt "Connect"

I’m trying to communicate from Flexy to Azure IoT Hub but I’m get this error ([ERROR] Operation failed (28) 56 : Mqtt “Connect”) every time. I know the network ports 8883 and 1883 are open because I’m able to communicate from other MQTT tool to Azure Cloud and also able to communicate to localhost using 1883 port from ewon flexy, and I tried to solve this issue by referring forum with similar issues but still unable to do.
so looking for help.
For configuration and logic I referred- techforum.ewon.biz/thread-786


Are you using an IP address or domain name for the MQTT server in your script? Can you share a backup of your Flexy with the Support Files?

Hi I found the issue,
The 3G GSM module is getting disconnected, so tried with different SIM card it is working now.
Thanks for the response.

Great - thank you for the update!