eSync demo application

Hello support team,

I want to setup a demo with eSync running from my laptop, and I am following the eSync Application User Guide (option with automatic synchronization). For some reason, I am not getting the data on the local computer:

I am connected via cable between my laptop and the Flexy LAN port, and my computer’s IP is Here’s how I am setting up the Flexy.


1 – I would like to have eSync working on my laptop through a local (LAN) connection. Is that possible?

2 - I would like to have eSync working on my laptop through the Internet. Is that possible?

Hi Eduardo,

You can set up a demo on the LAN if you want, but setting it up on your laptop to work through the internet is not practical. The esync server needs to be publicly accessible from the internet and that is not going to work if you are bringing the laptop to different networks, because it involves opening up firewall ports on the network, etc. You would be better off setting up a demo on a cloud server (Azure, AWS, etc.)

Currently, it looks like the Flexy is unable to communicate with your laptop, so something is not set up right, or you have a local firewall (Windows firewall) blocking the Flexy. Did you change the port when you set eSync up? Is Apache web server running on the laptop?


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