Ethernet IP Linking Device with ControlLogix in separated network


I have an architecture that a ControlLogix has two Ethernet modules (1756-EN2T), because one of them is used to communicate with supervision network ( and another is used to control network (

The supervision network communicates with desktops and servers, and one of these desktops is the Engineering Workstation with Studio 5000 (Logix Designer) and Anybus Configuration Manager.

The control network has Ethernet IP devices like remote I/Os, VFDs and Anybus Liking Device.

In this situation, Anybus Linking Device is physically separated between Engineering Workstation, but in RSLinx Classic is possible to do the bridge. However, I understood that Anybus Configuration Manager doesn´t use RSLinx Classic to configure the Anybus Linking Device.

I want to know if is possible to maintain this architecture and communicate with Anybus Linking Device through ControlLogix Chassis even Engineering Workstation in separated network.


Hello @derekstesse,

To configure the linking device you need a direct connection from the PC running Studio 5000 and our Add On Profile. Direct meaning on the same network, not necessarily a cable from the PC to the device. The Profile needs to talk directly to the Linking device for configuration. So you are correct that the configuration manager does not use RSlinx Classic and will not be able to make it across the bridge.



Ok, thanks.