EtherNet/IP Scanner DLL Kit (EIPS)

Good morning,

Are you able to assist with the following?

I have a client interested in the 1.24.0034.03100 software,

And they were additionally interested in the Ethernet/IP Scanner DLL Kit (EIPS) as well, I am unable to locate the order number, and on the website it just lists this as “on request”

Further, are the API information/ description available for our client for this software? As they want to ensure that this is compatible with their existing software,

Please advise of any concerns,

Thank you,


Barend Lottering


Can you reach out to the customer on the order number for this?

Hello Barend,

Looks like the customer reached out to our direct team for info on the DLL Kit today. Mike from our direct team should be in contact with them shortly.


Thank you for the update Rob,

Appreciate the follow up J