EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP Interface Object

I would like some help to clear up some confusion about TCP/IP settings on the CC40, EtherNet/IP module.

Instance attribute 2, Configuration Capability, of CIP Object 0xF5 is listed in the Anybus EtherNet/IP Network Manual as having Bits 0-1 as always 0.

Volume 2, chapter 5 of the CIP standard indicates that the bits have the following definitions:
Bit 0 - BOOTP Client, 1 = “device is capable of obtaining its network configuration via BOOTP”
Bit 1 - DNS Client, 1 = “the device is capable of resolving host names by querying a DNS server”

Does the Anybus module support either BOOTP or DNS? The default web pages provide fields to enter DNS Server #1 and DNS Server #2, so it almost seems that the module supports DNS at the least.

Hello Penn,

This is a good question. The Network guide is accurate saying that the device supports DHCP but not BOOTP. I am not as sure about the DNS. It may not support DNS in regard to Ethernet/IP.

I will need to look into this for additional details.

Discussing this with my colleague we confirmed with development that the CompactCom supports DNS in the parts of its stack, such as the SMTP server. However, there is no support in the CIP/Ethernet/IP stack and the bit is disabled but the DNS address can still be set.