Ethernet/IP to Profibus Gateway is Offline

I have four Ethernet/IP to Profibus gateways which all lost connection to four different Profibus networks. I believe this occurred after the PLC on the Ethernet/IP side (an Allen-bradley ControlLogix) was changed from one PLC to another; there may have been a period where two PLCs were trying to address the modules at the same time on the Ethernet/IP side.

These Gateways were functioning for a few months prior to this incident.

Here’s the status of the LEDs of the Profibus side:
-GW status – green
-Acyclic – Off
-Online – Off
-Offline – red
-Diagnostics - Off

Here’s the relevant information from the web diagnostics page.

Existing Status word 1102
Cycle Counter 1
Error Counter 1
Master Operation Mode Stop
Module Status Initialised
Fieldbus Status Off-line

The Ethernet/IP side is working correctly.

Here is what has already been checked:
-Configuration file (tried redownloading it to one of the modules)
-Address dials (verified as correct address)
-profibus cable (connection is fine)
-tried resetting and power cycling the module
-tried changing Ethernet/IP PLC back to old one

The Profibus master (a Siemens S7-414 CPU) does not report that the module is offline in its network diagnostics and reports no other issues. I don’t have direct access to that PLC but am working to get more confirmation as that has really hung me up on this issue.

Can you please confirm the article number of the device (AB7671, for example)?

Something must have happened to the Profibus network for this to happen (all 4 devices going offline at the same time). Are there are other Profibus devices still on the network? What software is used to configure the Profibus network (TIA)?

I just got confirmation that the Anybus modules are no longer configured on the Profibus network. It’s suspected a power cycle reset the program to the older version (wasn’t saved in the SD card.)

OK, glad to hear you figured it out. Let us know if you run into any issues getting it set back up.

  • Profibus Master (Siemens) configuration got wiped out by power cycle