EtherNet/IP to Serial Linking Device (does it work with Modbus data stream from Robotiq)


Can the Anybus ENet/IP to Serial communicate with the Robotiq FT300 Force/Torque Sensor? The Robotiq’s output is Modbus RTU. But preferably can be put in what they call “data stream” mode. Where the sensor constantly spits out a string of data at 100Hz. See page 85 of manual for details.

Thanks in advance for the support.


Hi Brent,

I would recommend the Modbus option with transactions setup to cyclically polling for data. However it looks like you should be able to use the stream mode. You would need to set the device up to use generic data mode and create a consume transaction that matches the streaming data. It also looks like you need to send a modbus write to enable the streaming. Since you can not use the built in modbus and generic data mode you will need to manually create the modbus write command.



Thanks for info, Deryck! I am working on the project that Brent was inquiring about and I have enabled the data stream and I am seeing the data as I would expect, but I am curious on how to stop the data stream. The manual states as follows: “To stop the data stream, communication must be interrupted by sending a series of 0xff characters to the Sensor. Sending for
about 0.5s (50 times) will ensure that the Sensor stops the stream.” I have not been able successfully achieve this. How is the sensor expecting to see the 0xff characters? Am I writing to the same register as the start command (register 410)? Is there a different function/string of info I should sending the sensor?

Thanks again for your support so far.