Ethernet to profinet via prosoft

Is it possible for the Prosoft PLX82-EIP-PNC to communicate with the anybus AB7651 Profinet gateway? From what i understand the AB7651 needs to act as a master or something else on Profinet side?

I have the Prosoft installed and talking to my ControlLogix PLC on the Ethernet ip side and I can scan the network and find the anybus gateway however I cant seem to read any of the data back. The Anybus is connected to Siemens S7-1200 in a vendor panel.

Hi @jgeorge,

That Prosoft device is a PROFINET Master, so it should be able to communicate with the Anybus, which is a PROFINET I/O (slave). I’m not sure how the Prosoft is configured, but most PROFINET Masters will use a GSD file and then set the IP address and name for the slave. Refer to the Prosoft manual for those details.

You can find the GSD file for the Anybus on the Product Download Page.

You will also have to add the Anybus to the Siemens network if that hasn’t been done yet. We have applications notes for both TIA Portal and STEP7 on that same page.