Ewon and AWB

I am having lots of trouble with connection of a BOLT to my ewon. As sson as I do and I cycle power to ewon I lose Internet/VPN connection.


John Schlottke

Hello Jon,
Can you provide more info on how you are trying to configure the ewon? Are you using the Bolt for the WAN connection? It the wifi card setup to get internet from the bolt? It looks like you have a WiFi card setup but it is set to the same SSID you seem to have configures as the bolts SSID.

The errors seen in the backup show that there are issues on the WAN. The WiFi settings show an IP address assigned but no DNS or gateway.

It also looks like the DHCP server for the LAN is configured but the enabled byte is set to 2 and not 1.

Issue has been resolved. There were 2 DHCP servers on the LAN side that were causing a conflict.