eWon Basic Programming

Hi All,

Customer wants a weekly statistics on certain alarm/events. Is it possible, i can send an email of list of selected alarms (including time stamp it happens) at every weekend?

Many thanks

Hi @jiayuan0727 ,

I am not sure we have a specific example for something like this but it sounds like something that you should easily be able to create a custom log file for using the ONALARM or ONCHANGE commands. When the alarm or events occur you can write to a file the details you are looking for.

Here is a post that covers a custom log HOW TO: Create a custom historical log file in BASIC - Ewon Support / Basic and Java - hms.how (hms-networks.com)
You should be able to use most of this example but change the ONTIMER to a ONALARM or ONCHANGE along with updating the l messages appended to the log.