Ewon configuration transfer to an Anybus communicator


I went from Ewon to anybus and I would like to know how to transfer the configuration.



These are two different products that have different configuration files. You will not be able to transfer the files from the Flexy to an Anybus. The Anybus unit will not be able to read the files.

What data are you trying to transfer?

I was wrong, I wish to configure my subnet in the Anybus as my Ewon. However the Anybus asks me a lot more parameters to enter and I do not have them.

What is the Article number of the Anybus device?

What parameters do you need to enter?


For example : Port Mdbus TCP, Port Ethernet/IP, Port ISOTCP

Those are going to be defined by the machines you are connecting too. The gateway does not have any port requirements for the protocols. The machines may, so i would check the machine documentation for any port and/or communication requirements for connection.


do you have any additional questions?