Ewon cosy 131 api

i was wonder if you could use the datamail API of talk2m with the ewon cosy because it hasnt any historical data

Hi Ruben,

The Cosy does not do data logging and is used just for remote access. If you would like to use the datamailbox API you would need a Flexy.

and the other api does that work or doesnt that either?

Hi Ruben,

What is it that your trying to achieve with use of the API?

To get remote data you would need to use a Flexy since the cosy does not do data. What you would be able to get with M2Web API on a cosy would be the status of the cosy itself (online or offline) which is why I asked what you intend to use it for.

If a device on your machine network is collecting data, and its own means of pushing data, then you can give it internet access through the cosy, but if you will to use the ewon API for data then you would need to use a Flexy.

thank you for the information