eWON Cosy 131 Frequent Disconnects using WiFi

Hello, we are a customer for a company that installed an eWON Cosy 131 in order to remotely connect via VPN to our lab instrument. The connection starts fine, but will frequently disconnect for no apparent reason. We didn’t see any blocks or drops in the firewall logs.

Any idea how we should start troubleshooting this frequent disconnect issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Can you attach a Backup with support files of the affected unit? This can be done using eBuddy while connected to the unit.

What is the internet connection for the Cosy?

Hi Kevin. I have attached what I think are the logs from the eWon. It’s just a text file. Is that what you were wanting? Thanks, Sean7-16-21.device-logs.txt (71.4 KB)

Those are eCatcher logs. Kevin needs the backup file. Please follow his directions:

Thanks Kyle. I’m working with our vendor to capture these logs and I was thinking those might not be right.

Is it possible for our vendor to capture the ebudy logs when they are connected to it via the VPN? If that doesn’t work, I think I will need to access it locally here where it is installed.

Yes, you can create a back up with support files with ebuddy while you are connected to the unit remotely.

Ok, is the one that you are asking for? MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (302 KB)

Can you update the unit’s firmware to 14.4.1? From the backup, it looks to be an issue with the WAN port not getting a DHCP address. Update the Firmware and run the Internet Wizard again. Let me know what occurs.

Has there been any update on this issue?

Thanks Kevin. We are working on this now. Where can I get the firmware from? Do I have to be at the unit to perform the upgrade or can I do this across our local network? I ask because it’s in a clean room lab area. S

You can update the device using Ebuddy either by a connection to the LAN or through eCatcher. The eBuddy software has all the firmware files that you will need.

Do you know if upgrading the firmware will wipe out any of the existing Ewon settings such as the WiFi it’s connected to or the VPN connection?

The update should not erase any configuration settings on the device, nor should it require any reconfiguring.

Hi Kevin. I successfully upgraded the firmware. It required I upgrade to 14 first and then I was able to upgrade to 14.4.1. However, the disconnect issue is still happening.

I also plugged in a Ethernet cable to the WAN port, and I would like to see if the WAN port has DHCP turned on or off. Is this possible through the eCatcher over VPN? Thanks!!

OK, I see that I can do the WAN connection wizard from across the VPN, but the connection dropped in the middle of it so I’m not able to connect again and the wizard might have changed something (even though I didn’t save anything, was just in the wizard). I know the WAN IP of the WAN port. Is it possible to connect to it in some way? Thanks.

YOu are not able to connect to the device through the WAN port. If you are connecting remotely, you will need to do with eCatcher. If you are trying to connect to locally, you can use ebuddy. Genreally you set the method of IP accquisition within the Internet Wizard. I would have a local connection and go through the whole process.

Can you attach a backup with support files now of the updated firmware.?

I successfully ran the Internet Wizard to change to the WAN port instead of Wi-Fi. We have some firewall configurations being made now, and I will report back ASAP once we are able to test with the WAN port with the VPN. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks for the update.