EWON Cosy 131 Network Issue

Good afternoon!

We’ve got a customer experiencing some bizarre behavior on a Cosy 131 when trying to connect to the internet in any manner. They’re able to access the unit locally and configure it, but as soon as the unit tries to access the internet (via
Ethernet, Hotspot, Wifi, SIM, etc.) it isn’t able to. The unit tries for a little while, then power cycles itself and becomes inaccessible for 30 seconds to a minute. Once the unit comes back on and is accessible again, it simply gives a generic “Could not
establish WAN connection” error.

The customer is currently trying a level 2 reset to see if that resolves the issue, but I wanted to reach out with some shots of the error and their error logs, to see if you could provide any other suggestions.

If you could please, you can reach the customer (Nick), for more information on the issue, or to provide them with direct remote support.

Thank you very much!


Duncan Ketcheson

Hi Duncan,

I’ll give Nick a call and see what I can find out


Hi Duncan,

I tried giving Nick a call but it went to voicemail. Looking at your logs though, it seems like you’re running into a LAN WAN conflict. You need to make sure your WAN and LAN IP addresses are in different subnet ranges