EWON Cosy 131 Wi-Fi

Hello, I am trying to connect a EWON Cosy 131 Wi-Fi to four devices using a USB hub. Is this possible? I have achieved connectivity to two PLCs using the USB hub before using Wi-Fi connection to the internet. However when I changed the internet connection to ethernet I was no longer able to connect to the devices through the USB HUB.

Hi Joseph,

Yes, this is possible. The eWON allows the connection of up to 10 USB devices. Of course, the more devices you add, the more congested the traffic on the port will become, so you may not want to actually try 10 in practice.

This is odd. I can’t think of a reason why changing the WAN from WiFi to Ethernet would have any effect on being able to access the USB devices. Does it work again if you switch back to WiFi? Can you reproduce the problem consistently?

Because this is a potential bug, can you please create a ticket at https://support.hms-networks.com? Thank you.

Hello Kyle,

Thank you for your input. We kept the Ethernet WAN connection and after conducting a hardware Reboot on the EWON all the connected devices to the USB hub were scanned and recognized. It did take some time to for them to show up but all seven of them did. So four of these devices are OMRON servo 1S drives, two are PLCs and the last is a HMI.

Do you foresee any possible issues with connecting to the servo drives via USB on the EWON?


I’m not going to lie, USB-over-IP can be tricky. You have to have the USB-over-IP driver and the driver to connect to your USB device (OMRON, etc.) I’ve seen a few times where customers get a new PC and it doesn’t work because they don’t have the drivers installed. Also, it’s not going to be nearly as fast as a local connection. Other than that though, it should work fine.